Our Origins and Purpose:

The Tennessee School Health Coalition (TNSHC) was formed in 1984 to improve the health environment in schools. TNSHC has been a major supporter of Coordinated School Health (CSH) initiatives in the state, acting as a resource for each of the 8 areas of the CSH model. Coordinated School Health is the holistic, data-driven approach utilized to address students’ health needs.

Tennessee School Health Coalition

What can TNSHC do for me?

The mission of the TNSHC is to advocate for CSH and to support CSH Coordinators. CSH funding allows systems to create a school with a welcoming atmosphere by involving parents and communities. Since 2001, many school systems' CSH Coordinators have utilized their data to garner additional grant funding for their districts. Many LEA's have seen a decrease in student tobacco use and obesity rates. CSH is the umbrella for all aspects of school health and exists to create healthy communities that produce educated, responsible, healthy citizens and a productive, thriving workforce.