Tennessee School Health Coalition

Our Approach to Advocacy:

  • Be polite
  • Contact your lawmakers and others that know your lawmakers often
  • Tennessee General Assembly Toll Free Number: 1-800-449-8366
  • Tennessee General Assembly Website: www.legislature.state.tn.us
  • Share a success story about CSH's role in helping children and community members in your district
  • Detail the vital importance of CSH

Tennessee School Health Coalition Supports the Efforts of Coordinated School Health:

  • Encouraging Adequate Physical Activity
  • Encouraging a Healthy Diet Including Adequate Fruit and Vegetable Intake
  • Preventing Intentional and Unintentional Injuries
  • Delaying Sexual Activity and Encouraging HIV Awareness
  • Preventing Tobacco Use
  • Preventing Substance Use/Abuse and Underage Alcohol Consumption